Customer Investment Risk-Bearing Agreement

On the basis of relevant legal provisions and on the principle of voluntariness, equality and fairness, the two parties reached the following agreement through consultation on the venture capital of Party A to Party B's entry into OSDT ecological digital assets project, and jointly abided by the implementation. I. Venture Capital Projects 1. Party B now owns the design and development ideas and related technical information of the OSDT ecological digital assets project (see the OSDT White Paper on the homepage of the project technology mastery, development degree and project plan). It intends to further develop the project by introducing venture capital to realize the market-oriented operation of the project technology. 2. Party A has fully understood Party B's OSDT ecological digital assets project plan and agreed with its market prospects. It intends to invest venture capital to jointly develop the project with Party B. II. Stage Division of Venture Capital The venture capital of OSDT Eco-Digital Assets Project is divided into four stages: 1. Seed stage: that is, the technology development and invention stage of OSDT ecological digital assets project, until the completion of product samples and the formation of product production plan. 2. Lead-in period: technology innovation and product trial sale stage; in this stage, both parties participate in BlackStone Castle Technology Ltd., complete company planning and market analysis, test product prototype, further solve technical problems, eliminate technical risks, form company management organization, enter the market for trial sale, listen to market opinions, and begin to conceive product prototype. 3. Growth period: the stage of technology development and production expansion; this stage opens up markets, increases marketing investment, and allows the introduction of new venture capital and other funds on the premise of meeting this agreement. 4. Maturity period: that is, technology maturity and product entering the stage of large-scale production; in this stage, Party A can withdraw from venture capital on the premise of meeting this agreement. III. Investment of Risk Capital and Risk Control 1. During the seed stage, Party A invests any risk capital to complete the preliminary development of technology and Market Research of products with Party B. 2. After the establishment of the company, both parties shall transfer all tangible and intangible assets formed during the seed period to the company free of charge. 3. The amount and mode of investment in the growth and maturity period shall be supplemented and negotiated by both Party A and Party B according to the market development of the project at the corresponding stage. 4. Each party shall bear all the expenses for the completion of the projects under this contract. 5. When a project company cannot be established, the debts and expenses arising from the establishment of the project company shall be shared in proportion to the contribution of each co-investor. IV. Introduction and Restriction of Other Venture Capital 1. The introduction of other venture capital should be agreed by both parties, whether in seed stage or after the establishment of the company. 2. When other forms of investment are introduced, the assets of the company should be evaluated, and the equity ratio should be converted based on the value of the assets evaluated. 3. If the company needs to increase its investment after its establishment, both parties have the right to make additional investment according to the proportion of equity at the time of its establishment. V. Force Majeure Factor 1. "Force Majeure" means all events which are beyond the control and unpredictable of the parties to this Agreement or which, although foreseeable, inevitably impede the full or partial performance of this Agreement by either party. Such incidents include only natural disasters such as earthquakes, collapses, floods, typhoons and fires, explosions, accidents, wars, riots, uprisings, mutinies, social unrest or instability, sabotage or any other similar or different incidents. 2. In the event of force majeure, which prevents either party from fulfilling the agreement, the agreement shall be suspended during the duration of force majeure. The period of performance shall be automatically extended according to the above suspension time, and the party shall not be liable for breach of contract. 3. The party subject to force majeure shall notify the other party in writing and provide evidence of force majeure and its effects. The party suffering from such force majeure shall also take all necessary measures to terminate or mitigate the effects of such force majeure. 4. If force majeure has occurred or affected for more than 12 consecutive months and prevents either party from fulfilling this Agreement, either party has the right to request the termination of the obligations of the parties concerned under this Agreement. When this Agreement is terminated, the parties shall deal fairly and reasonably with each other's creditor's rights and liabilities. VI. Liability for Breach of Contract 1. During the seed period, if Party A fails to invest the risk capital in full and on time, Party A shall assume the responsibility for breach of contract and pay Party B 300% of the liquidated damages for the non-invested part of the capital. If the liquidated damages are insufficient to compensate, Party A shall continue to compensate Party B in the form of damages according to the corresponding losses. 3. If Party A fails to invest in the company as stipulated in this agreement, the defaulting party shall pay 100% liquidated damages to the compliance party when the project product meets the requirement that the venture capital enters the import period. 4. Party A shall compensate Party B for the losses arising from its breach of contract in violation of this Agreement, which shall include actual losses and loss of available interests. VII. Dispute Settlement 1. Any modification, supplement or alteration of this Agreement shall be confirmed by written form after mutual agreement between the investment parties of the project company, and shall take effect after signature by the authorized representatives of both parties. 2. All agreements, documents, authorizations, reports, lists, endorsements, undertakings and waivers formed, signed and attached in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement shall constitute an addition to this Agreement and form an integral whole with this Agreement. 3. Party A shall be able to participate in the contacts in which this Agreement is fully recognized. 4.Any dispute arising from this Agreement shall be settled through friendly negotiation. If it cannot be settled through consultation, Party B shall have all the right of interpretation.

What is OSDT

  OSDT is an industrial alliance of innovative technologies and blockchain landing applications that business enterprises participate in.It also takes blockchain and intelligent network as the infrastructure, and relies on relevant technologies, data, products and scenarios of participants to serve the basic main chain of c-end users and b-end users.The core main chain can effectively support the release, transfer and exchange of assets. The internal smart contract can directly support online hosting, crowdfunding and other business models. Most financial core businesses can be supported in the core chain.Specific personalized business scenarios can be customized through the side chain, and a variety of rich applications can be realized by binding (anchoring) on the main chain.



Combined with blockchain - OSDT business ecological chain

Exchanges and transactions

OSDT provides users with simple, convenient and safe exchange and trading services through its original end-to-end exchange network and docking exchange API.

Absolutely private messaging

The OSDT platform is built with encrypted communication function. It USES the public-private key principle to build an efficient, reliable and secure encrypted communication service. All the information you send is encrypted by algorithm, which ensures the data and privacy of users.

Otc guaranteed transaction

OSDT platform can realize otc guaranteed transaction based on intelligent contract, that is, both parties of the transaction will transfer the currency to the channel, which will be guaranteed by the intelligent contract and open the channel for exchange of currency, and the service fee will be almost zero.

Smart contract games

Based on the characteristics of parameterization and customization of intelligent contract, users can fill in the parameters to achieve the establishment of contract game without any technical threshold of programming language.

Blockchain + new retail

OSDT is a new retail model that deeply integrates online service, offline experience and modern logistics through the application of big data, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies.

OSDT allocation plan

The number of OSDT tokens issued in the OSDT business ecological chain is fixed The global total is a constant of 1,000,000,000 The specific allocation plan is as follows:


OSDT hereby disclaims and disclaims the following responsibilities:
1. Any consumer purchasing OSDT violates any country's anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing or other regulations;
2. When purchasing OSDT, any consumer violates any representations, warranties, obligations, commitments or other requirements and fails to pay or withdraw OSDT tokens as a result;
3. For some reason, the public sale plan of OSDT tokens was suspended;
4. Unable to provide OSDT or delay delivery due to failure or delay in OSDT development; The purpose of the funds raised in the public sale;
5. Any participant discloses, loses or destroys the private key of cryptocurrency or token;
6. Any risk factors disclosed in this white paper, as well as damages, losses, claims, debts, fines, costs or other adverse effects related to such risk factors.

The development plan

Framework building, community expansion, mainstream exchange launch, common magnetic mode promotion, business school building
Connect with rare and hard assets, expand the number of consensus users to 10W, implement physical blockchain application restaurants, improve the ecological closed loop, and get involved in the general license application of tourism industry and mining industry
OSDT is linked to more than 10 kinds of rare hard assets, and the number of consensus users increases to 20W, and the circulation rate exceeds 60%. OSDT futures are launched, and the scale of ecological construction is formed. We cooperate with 3 project parties to build an ecological environment
Linked to more than 20 rare hard assets, the circulation rate of more than 80%, a number of mainstream exchanges on the line, widely recognized in the currency circle.Token financial leasing and commercial real estate
It has obtained unique recognition in the international market, realized 100% full circulation, and carried out in-depth cooperation with a number of international famous brands, promoted the legal circulation of rare commodities, and formed a huge ecology across six sectors
The created value ecological alliance accomplishes all the set goals.More than 200 million daily active trading volume, the number of community active people worldwide more than a million people.Give 20% of your annual income to charity around the world

Cooperation with the media